“Listen First “

Did you realize how important it is to listen ? If you would listen you could help some one to stay away from drug Abuse
Listening is different from hearing  out somebody’s story. When you listen and I mean really listen..you convey respect and support. So here go five basic rules of listening..
  1. Sit down and put away mobile or newspaper or laptop..no distractions,eye contact is easier and you don’t have to shout when you are next to each other.
  2. Take turns listening.. let the child go first and Don’t interrupt or show sarcastic faces
  3. Choose your words and tone and volume to convey support.. encourage flow of conversation by nodding or saying hmmm to confirm that you are listening. Crying is okay .. if the child or adolescent is upset.. don’t comment .. show support by sitting there and offering a shoulder.
  4. Listen for pain.. listen for pain in between the sentences, listen for rage, listen for wanting to end it all.. validate the emotions by acknowledging that they have a right to be upset .
  5. Most often just listening helps… don’t be in a hurry to jump in with solutions..
Dr. Kavitha Fenn Arunkumar,
Hannah Joseph Hospital

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