Ascend Aloe Vera Premium Ayurvedic soap


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Ascend Aloe Vera Premium Ayurvedic soap contain Aloe Vera, Honey, Olive oil and Cucumber. All these ingredients provide excellent benefits to the skin. Aloe Vera also called as Grithkumari in Ayurveda is prescribed for healing many skin ailments. Ascend Aloe Vera soap is a grade I soap with high TFM of 78%.

Health benefits:

• Aloe Vera Nourishes and moisturizes the skin and as per Ayurveda it helps in healing the skin from sun burn and any other ailments
• Honey moisturizes the skin and also helps in reducing wrinkles and as per Ayurveda it has curative properties, soothes pain and works as antiseptic too
• Cucumber provides a cooling effect and heal skin eruptions and reduces pigmentation
• Olive oil keeps the skin supple and provides nourishment
• Regular use of Ascend Aloe Vera soap keeps your skin healthy and lively

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