Ascend Green Coffee – Weight Loss/Antioxidants

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Ascend Green Coffee contains extracts from Green Coffee bean that was not roasted.
• The Green Coffee extract contains 45% Chlorogenic acid (CGA) and antioxidants.
• CGA is the key to weight control, reduction of body fat, boosting metabolism, maintain healthy energy level and lowers blood pressure.
• Green Coffee acts as a diuretic and also beneficial in diabetic conditions, insomnia and nervousness.

Weight Management

Green Coffee (Coffee Arabica) unroasted beans extract 45% CGA – 450mg

1-2 Capsules Twice A Day

Health benefits:
• It contains antioxidants.
• It is used to raise the metabolism and reduction body fat
• It reduces blood pressure
• Increases energy levels
• Helps in diabetic conditions
• Acts as diuretic

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