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Neck pain collar:

Neck pain collar is a medical equipment used to support a person’s neck when he/she suffers from an injury in the neck. This cervical collar is too important because when one ignores the neck and head injury it will lead to several complications

Usage of neck braces:

  • The neck brace should hold your neck in such a way it should not allow any movements
  • In addition to, the cervical collar should fit to one’s chin
  • Furthermore, a person with long hair should put that outside of the neck braces.
  • Avoid using lotions and powder on neck before wearing a neck pain collar, because this may damage the neck support.

When to use?

One met with car accident should use the neck braces because this will avoid furthermore complications such as spinal cord injury and so on.

This will also reduce the paralysis attack, spinal injury and even help someone from death.

Tumors and other injuries can cause nerve damage. This will lead to severe complications. In olden days doctors used to do surgery for these complications. But nowadays the use of cervical collar will reduce these complications.

Apart from these, we can say whenever one suffers from neck pain it is advisable to use neck braces. A neck brace gives a temporary relieve to the neck pain. A regular usage of the cervical collar could help one to get rid of the neck pain.

Dyna silver cervical collar:

Made of soft foam with inbuilt silver fiber Silver has unique properties.


  • Kills bacteria and prevents bad smell.
  • Most noteworthy factor is it kills 99.9% of bacteria in one hour
  • First of all, it is safe as it contains silver
  • Washing and other activities will not be reduced the effects of silver.
  • Plastic substances in it helps for air circulation

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