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CLIMAWARE pronto-heat EVE is an innovative proprietary patented device that is specially designed to provide heat therapy to generate quick lower abdomen pain relief to men and women.Heat therapy creates local vasodilatation (expansion of blood-vessels) in the pain-affected area, which aids blood circulation and increases oxygen supply and activates body?s own natural defenses against pain. This provides relief from lower abdomen and lower back cramps and pain.
With CLIMAWARE pronto-heat EVE, heat therapy can be applied at a clinically verified temperature range of 38°C (100°F) to 42°C (108°F). The side of the product intended to touch the skin is made up of a special conductive material which allows for heat therapy to be applied effectively.
EVE’s USP is its innovative ergonomic design specifically developed keeping in mind a woman’s body. EVE’s lightweight and thin body allows a woman to wear it discreetly underneath her clothes multiplying her wearing comfort. Its powerful battery lasts for good 4-6 hours without recharging; thereby providing ease of movement when in pain. EVE is designed to bring comfort to a woman’s daily hectic schedules. So whether you are a working woman,a housewife, a student,a sports enthusiast or a travel freak, EVE is your companion in pain relief on the go.
Doctors and pain-specialists throughout the world recommend this therapeutic method.The safety and efficacy of the system is supported by several authoritative medical journals and consultation with experts from the medical community.
Climaware EVE is a fitness product available online in india. Easy to buy, this fitness equipment online in india through
Climaware EVE is a healthcare equipment which can be bought online in india.

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