Compeed Corn Medium Plasters x10

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Compeed Corn Medium Plasters helps with corns by softening the hardened area, which helps with removal, and relieves the pressure and pain. The hydrocolloid technology helps to moisturize the area. This patch acts as a second-skin to protect the area without being noticeable.

  • Stays in place for over 24 hours, depending on each person;
  • Accelerates the removal process and keeps the area moisturized;
  • Immediately relieves the pain;
  • Protects against rubbing and relieves the pressure.

How to Use

Clean and dry the skin, ensuring there are no oils or creams in the area. Remove the protective papers from the Compeed Corn Medium Plasters, avoiding touching the adhesive side. Apply the plaster over the callus and smooth the wedges. Leave in place until the plasters start to detach from the skin. Repeat until the skin has healed.

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