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Flamingo, a well renowned brand of healthcare and orthopaedic products, offersPremium Anklet in the market in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes. Premium Anklet is provided with four ways stretch advantage. Its light weight and over lock design is widely appreciated by the users. This product is recommended by experts to be used in edema, sports injuries and mild to moderate sprains and strains. Flamingo Premium Anklethelps to reduce swelling in edema and provides comfort.

Ankle is likely to get injured when its joint gets twisted. It is estimated that most of the ankle injuries occur while participating in sports activities. Many a times, the ankle gets hurt or sprained or strained while walking or running on an uneven surface or while landing in an awkward position while jumping. The pain, swelling, inflammation, etc. caused due to ankle injury, sprains or strains halt the life of a person, thus, it needs to be treated in time. Premium Anklet is the perfect product to bid adieu to sports injuries and ankle sprain and strain!

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