BPL-Oxygen-Concentrate ( 5 Litters )

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BPL Oxygen-Concentrate Supplies Oxygen to patients in need for continuous oxygen supply.The Oxygen Therapy machine can help the treatment of cardio vascular and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pneumonia etc. It is also useful for rehabilitation of an abnormally low amount of Oxygen in the body tissues of patients.
Oxygen absorption can improve physical oxygen supply condition. This is to achieve the purpose of oxygenating care. 5 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator is suitable for the middle-aged and elderly, people with poor physical fitness, pregnant women. It is also useful for the people who suffer different degrees of physiological hypoxia. It can also eliminate fatigue. It restore somatic function after heavy physical or mental exertion.

Product Functions

  • Timing function:show the total working time through display screen
  • Time setting:set oxygen absorption time as required
  • Automatic shutdown:automatic shutdown after reaching preset oxygen concentration time
  • Power failure alarm function
  • Low voltage alarm function
  • Low oxygen purity alarm function
  • Circulating pressure failure alarm function
  • Air compressor short circuit alarm function
  • Atomization treatment function(only models with atomization function)
  • Pressure Swing Absorption Technology
  • Audio alarm for high / low pressure, power failure & air blockage
  • Portable, user-friendly, safe, quiet & reliable
  • Running time control and calculation
  • Oxygen purity: >90%
  • Protection for over-heat and over-load
  • Energy efficient


1.Add water to humidifier bottle. Pull out the silicone rubber tube from the bottle. Take out the bottle. Add proper amount of pure water to the bottle. The water level shall be between the maximum (MAX) and minimum (MIN) water lines, and then tighten the bottle cap,put into the transparent cover and insert the silicone rubber tube.
Power on: Plug in the power cord and press the “Power Switch”. The “Power” indicator will be on. Medical oxygen concentrator enters into the ready-to-start state. And the LCD is powered on and displays “Care for you”, which means that the medical oxygen concentrator enters into the ready-to-start state.

2.Continuous/timing oxygen concentration: Press the “Oxygen/Timing” button, oxygen concentrator will be started and enters into “Continuous” oxygen concentration working state. The LCD displays the total use time and other contents of oxygen concentrator. After medical oxygen concentrator is started, press the “Oxygen/Timing” button again, medical oxygen concentrator will enter into timing oxygen concentration state, and the timing is 30 minutes, for each press of “Oxygen/Timing” button, preset time will be increased by 30 minutes (maximum preset time is 120 minutes); users can preset the time for oxygen concentration as required. After a timing of 120 minutes, press the “Oxygen/Timing” button again. Oxygen concentrator without atomization function will stop oxygen concentration, while oxygen concentrator with atomisation function will enter into atomization mode. Press the “Oxygen/Timing” button again, it will stop oxygen concentration.

3.Adjust flow: Open the transparent cover, slowly rotate the flow control knob to the desired flow rate (the reading shall be subject to the center of the black float)in the direction marked on the “Flow control knob”. Meanwhile, there are bubbles in water in humidifier bottle, there shall be oxygen output from “Oxygen Output”.
Start oxygen absorption: Insert oxygen tube in the “Oxygen Output” of humidifier bottle, close the transparent cover. After confirming that there is oxygen output from oxygen tube nose, wear the oxygen tube to start oxygen absorption.

4.Automatic shutdown: After reaching the preset oxygen concentration time, oxygen concentrator will automatically shut down.

5.Shut down immediately:During operation of Home Oxygen Concentrator, press the “Power Switch” on top cover, medical oxygen concentrator will shut down immediately.

6.Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance tips.

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