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Contact lens solution:

Multisol Plus 350ml Multipurpose Solution for soft contact lens comes in an offer of a pack of 2. This contact lens solution provides extreme clarity to one’s lens by removing the dust particles, proteins. In addition to above benefits, this lens solution also removes bacteria and fungal particles from the lens.

Unique features of Multisol contact lens solution:

  • Removes maximum amount of protein from the contact lens
  • Removes microbes from the contact lens
  • Especially this lens solution lubricates the contact lens, therefore it also cushions the contact lens.
  • As a result, it provides superior cleaning.

Caring for soft contact lens:

Wash your hand so that you can make sure that you are not transferring any bacteria, germs and dust particles to your eyes. Moisturizing soaps are not good for the contact lens. Hence avoid using moisturizing soap for washing hands before handling your lens

Dry your hand using a lint-free towel before handling your lens. Remove your lens carefully. Then place it on your left or right palm. Pour the solution over the lens. Then clean them thoroughly.

Clean your lens by rubbing as well as rub the lens in plus motion. Rather than this plus motion, any other rubbing motion may tear or may cause any damage to your lens.

Rinsing is an important process in cleaning the lens. This process is called so because it will remove many impurities from the contact lens.

Contact lens care:

  • Should not touch the tip of the lens bottle and this may contaminate the solution
  • Should not use the tap water for cleaning the lens.
  • If one use water for cleaning the lens probably it would lead damage to the lens.
  • Place the contact lens in a proper manner after removing in a clean lens case
  • Most noteworthy thing among all the other care tips is not to use used lens solution for cleaning purpose




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