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Vissco Finger Splint Baseball Type is made of strong malleable aluminum laminated with high-density foam. It heals the injured fingers by holding it in the correct position and also prevents them from further injuries. It is customized with easily bent and adjustable design to mold the finger by retaining its strength. It maintains the finger in correct position comfortably with ¼” thick padding. This product is used for treating Baseball Finger, Mallet Finger, Extensor Tendon Injury or Dropped Finger.

  • Baseball Finger Splint Guard protects injured finger and helps keep it dry
  • Made from strong malleable aluminum, laminated with high density foam
  • Holds the entire finger in proper position after injury to promote healing and to prevent further injury
  • Easily custom bent and adjustable to mold the finger, yet retains its strength
  • 1/4″ thick padding to keep finger dry and comfortable
  • Recommended for treatment of Mallet Finger, Baseball Finger, Dropped Finger or Extensor Tendon Injury

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