Vissco HC Finger Splint H1022


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    Most fractures or dislocations are the result of accidents, twisting, axial loading, angular bending, torque, direct injury, stress injury, or a combination of any of the above.

    Effective splinting of the injured extremity is crucial for the patient. For the first time Active Air splints have been introduced providing ease of application and effective splinting for immobilization.

    The urgency of immobilizing dislocated joints is by far very crucial for the patient.

    Ø It would reduce the patient?s pain.

    Ø Reduces further damage to the nerves and blood vessels

    Ø Reduces the chance of aggravating the fracture or injury.

    Ø Supports the injured limb till further orthopaedic treatment is done.

    These splints are made of unique and specially developed PVC sheeting. These splints provide immediate immobilizations to the required limb provides even therapeutic pressure and provides a strong and reliable orthopaedic support for fractured or broken bones.

    Over the years splints have been designed to fit for orthopaedic problems with the intent to support a disability. They had to be contoured or moulded according to the shape required.

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