Feel Free Unisex Adult Diaper Large 10’s Pack To Fit Sizes (38” -58”) 97-147cm

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Feel Free Unisex Adult Diaper Large 10’s Pack To Fit Sizes (38” -58”) 97-147cm

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Product Highlights

  • For protection from urine incontinence.
  • Double layered super absorbent core.
  • Excellent urine retention.
  • Extra locking layer
  • Gathering on inner legs for side leakage prevention.
  • Refastenable
  • Comes with wetness indicator.
  • Fits waist size 38-58 inches / L size.
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  • Designed with super absorbance pad that distributes fluid faster and also aids in quicker absorption.
  • Layered with anti bacterial, , absorbance polymer with frontal patch and wetness indicator.
  • Odour lock with herbal fragrance.
  • Netted channel ensures dry feel and comfortness to carry out your day to day activity.
  • Easy application for bedridden individuals too.

Product benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial layer
  • Soft and smooth
  • Netted channel
  • Faster absorption
  • Odour lock technology
  • Unisex adult diaper.

Direction of use:

  • Choose a diaper that fits for the user’s size
  • Hold the diaper in such a way that the side with no tapes is at the front and the taped side is at the back
  • Make the user lie sideways and spread their legs little to pass the diaper between their thighs from front to back
  • Stick the tape on the lower side diagonally upwards and the tape on the upper side diagonally downwards on the frontal surface to get better grip
  • Now adjust the diaper’s edges and make it comfortable.

Safety information:

  • Not advisable to flush after usage
  • Do not re-use
  • If rashes occur consult physician


Diapers specially designed for the use of adults, available in all sizes and also as pant style or resealable tape style.

Elderly people with urine incontinence and bedridden patients post-surgery can also use this.

The netted channels offer faster fluid absorption and gives you a dry comfortable feel. The super absorbent gel core keeps you dry and fresh for hours.

It comes with a wetness indicator that warns to change the diaper.

Has anti-bacterial polymer layer that prevents infection and rashes.

The material used as the outside layer ensures there is no leakage

The product is unisex and can be used by both men and women.

A pack of feel free diapers has 10 pcs of diapers

Diamond grid – fast absorb and dry feel.

Frontal patch with elastic side panels.

Wetness indicator and super absorbent polymer.

Comes with an herbal fragrance and also odour free.

People with waist sizes 21-35 inches can go for S size.

People with waist sizes 28-44 inches can go for M size.

People with waist sizes 38-60 inches can go for L size.

People with waist sizes 46-68 inches can go for XL size.

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