Dynamic Lumbogrip DS Lumbo Sacral Corset Small

Dynamic Lumbogrip DS Lumbo Sacral Corset Small

MRP: 1,675.00

  • Stabilizes and relaxes the lower back muscles.
  • Provides optimum support to reduce low back pain.

Expert's Advice

Anideal support for lumbo-sacral problems


  • Useful to people with Chronic low back pain, Post operative rehabilitation of the lumbar region, Osteoporotic pain of the lumbar region, Degenerative lumbar disc disease and Discectomy
  • Anatomically shaped posterior metal stays facilitate correct posture and permits individual adaptation to the patient’s shape.
  • Double reinforced straps allow individual adjustment to provide just the right amount of compression to support the muscles and to ensure an adaptive fit for better compliance.
  • Fastening handles helps in easy application and removal of the brace without any considerable effort
  • While applying ensure that the main Hook and Loop closures come on the front.
  • Use the hand closures for easy application.
  • Make sure that the metal stays are properly adapted to the curve of the patient’s spine.
  • Stretch out both the ends of the product and fasten the Hook and Loop closures.
  • Apply the extra Hook and Loop closures for additional support.
  • Available Sizes – S 70-80 cms, M 80-90 cms, L 90-100 cms, XL  100-110 cms, XXL 110-120 cms.

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L, M, S, XL, XXL

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