Tynor Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag

Tynor Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag

MRP: 1,583.00

  • Applies uniform and controlled traction to the lumbar, sacral and thoracic areas of the vertebral column.

Expert's Advice

Weight should be adjusted according to weight of person using


  • Pelvic traction belt, like a halter holds the pelvic area. Pelvic traction belt through its straps on the two sides get attached to the spreader bar, traction pulley bracket and the weights.
  • Durable and sturdy for a long life and multiple use.
  • Large hook loop area of the belt provides customized compression and flexibility in sizing.
  • Oblique traction straps ensure the vector of the traction force on to the LS vertebras.
  • Soft padded head halter provides a comfortable interface for the traction, is easy to wear and use.
  • Kit includes Pelvic Traction Belt, a Spreader Bar, Traction Pulley Bracket, a Traction Cord and a Weight Bag.
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