Vissco HC Cool Eyes (Refreezable Orthopaedic Support) Universal

Vissco HC Cool Eyes (Refreezable Orthopaedic Support) Universal

MRP: 162.00

  • Provides cool relief from eye or facial stress, strain and fatigue
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling of swollen eyes or puffy eyes


  • Provides cold therapy to reduce skin temperature and relieve pain
  • Provides cold therapy to help numb the injured tissues and reduce muscle spasms.
  • Provides a mild, soothing and refreshing treatment for eye strains
  • For relief from prolonged exposure to : reading, computer screen, television, driving, intense lights, high pollution and dusty windy environment
  • Assists in watering of eyes, redness of eyes, burning of eyes, headaches, light eye injuries, sunstroke.
  • Designed to fit snuggly into the eye cavity.
  • Provides flexibility and comfort.
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