Vissco Orthopaedic Traction Weights 8Kgs

Vissco Orthopaedic Traction Weights 8Kgs

MRP: 3,249.00

  • Traction Weight Set, Part of the traction system intended to apply uniform and controlled traction to the lumbar, sacral and thoracic areas of the vertebral column.
  • WEIGHT: 5 KG, 8 KG


  • Cervical Traction has been a recognized treatment for patients suffering from Cervical Spondylosis.
  • Part of a portable traction kit which could be used by people at their convenience at home.
  • Traction kits are accepted practice to keep the affected part in a specific position for some duration to relieve pressure on muscle, nerve tissues etc.
  • Used for minor fractures of cervical spine, pelvic reason and other such parts which are not amenable to other types of immobilization.
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