Vissco Silicon Metatarsal Cushioned Support

Vissco Silicon Metatarsal Cushioned Support

MRP: 314.00

  • Supports heels bear our entire body weight, every day.
  • Reduces the impact or load on the metatarsal area, leg as well as spine.
  • Works as a shock absorber reducing pain and discomfort of any kind.

Expert's Advice

ideal in preventing corns on the sole


Vissco Silicon Metatarsal Cushioned Support

  • Helps relieve pressure on the metatarsal and help reduce pain while walking.
  • Helpful in treatment of painful metatarsalgia.
  • Provides support to the metatarsal arch by preventing friction.
  • Supports collapsed transverse arch.
  • Provided with a silicone padding which fits snugly into the arch of the foot, providing support and comfort.
  • Silicone padding is covered with elasticated knitted fabric for comfortable fitting.
  • Fits on to any foot size, one size fits all.
  • Can be worn with or without shoes.
  • Can be used on the left or right food.
  • Designed to deform slowly in a non-linear manner, thus reducing shock and impact to the heel.
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