Vissco Thumb Spica Splint


Vissco Thumb Spica Splint

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Product Highlights

  • Protects the injured thumb and prevents further injury after healing
  • Supports Carpometacarpal(CMP)  and immobilizes metacarpophalangeal (MCP)  joint
  • Arthritis, Thumb and wrist injury
  • Reduces pain and inflammation

Expert's Advice

Thumb Spica Splint is made of a malleable splint and is a convenient device that provides a firm support to keep the thumb in resting position and used for reducing pain and inflammation associated with trauma injuries, post cast healing and fracture of bone in the wrist and soft tissue injuries of the thumb and wrist.

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MRP: Offer: 193.00You Save: 68.00

Vissco Thumb Spica Splint

MRP: Offer: 193.00You Save: 68.00

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  • Made of malleable skin friendly and breathable material
  • Easy to use, light weight and durable
  • Material is with anti-fungal / anti-bacterial property
  • Provides to put the thumb in abduction position
  • Rigid support to lock the thumb in abduction position
  • Used to immobilize the fractured thumb and allows the other fingers to move freely.
  • Provides adequate protection from further injury.
  • These type of splints are easy to remove for assessment of the extent and progression of the injury throughout the healing process.
  • Wearing this splint for day-to-day activity will protect the joint and improve the function of the hand.

Directions for Use

  • Take out the aluminium splint
  • Match the contours of the splint to the contours of the thumb accordingly required
  • Then push the splint back into the splint packet
  • Wrap the elastic wrist band of the splint around the wrist.

Safety information

  • Keep the splint dry.
  • Ensure the elastic wrap is not too tight
  • Wash by hands with mild detergent powder
  • Do not bleach


Don’t wear the splint overnight unless adviced by the therapist.

During activities that cause you pain

Wear the thumb splint in such a way that the straps around the thumb and wrist fit comfortably and do not restrict circulation.

As per the level of injury but for a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks shows improvement.

Do not use oils or lotions near the splint .

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