Flamingo Tourniquet – Medium


Flamingo Tourniquet – Medium

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Product Highlights

  • Controls blood circulation in case of bleeding.
  • Cuts of blood supply to extremity to save life.
  • Must have emergency aid in industry, hospital and home.
  • Available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large.
  • Common for left and right hand.

Expert's Advice

Delivers temporary occlusion of blood circulation to extremities post injury, controls bleeding by restricting venous and arterial circulation , arrests continuous bleeding in life threatening situations like accident and injury by pressurizing walls of blood vessels.

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MRP: 50.00

MRP: 50.00

Flamingo Tourniquet – Medium

MRP: 50.00

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  • Applies pressure circumferentially upon the skin and underlying tissues of the limb which is transferred to the walls of blood vessels to restrict blood circulation.
  • Essential aid in situation like continuous bleeding causing the blood vessels to become temporarily occluded.
  • Made from high quality polyamide hook and loop tape with strong rust free buckle.
  • Easy to wear and tighten to apply pressure thus enabling easy usage during emergency situation.

Direction of use

  • Wrap the tourniquet above the injured arm or leg.
  • Tighten well by fastening the hook and loop closures.

Safety information

  • For emergency use only.
  • Rush to the hospital immediately even if bleeding has stopped.


A tourniquet is a device used for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery temporarily to control the bleeding.

No the flamingo tourniquet compresses the area around the injury to limit blood flow until the wound can be treated and covered with bandages. Not known to cause any injury.

You can apply to extremities to bare skin or over clothing but a bit higher above the injured spot and not on the injury or below the injury.

Use it as an emergency aid until you reach the hospital. Once emergency dressing has been done to the wound the tourniquet can be removed. Ensure that you are not wearing more than 2 hours.

The tourniquet can be applied 5 cm above the wound or 5cm above the joint if the wound is on the lower limb.

It’s not a good option because can’t tighten the belt around the limb the same way it is tightened in the waist and the pressure is insufficient to arrest arterial blood.

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