Braun IRT 3020 Thermoscan Compact Ear Thermometer

  • Effective device to monitor body temperature.
  • To monitor an infant’s fever or body temperature, it is vital to use a special thermometer.


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  • Ear thermometer checks temperature in one minute and gives off a beep sound after the procedure is complete, signaling the correct time to remove the device.
  • Readings are accurate up to a tenth of a degree.
  • Combines reliable accuracy with a handy construction.
  • Ergonomically designed to be a compact and simple to use device.
  • Tip is a pre-warmed tip to counter the cooling effect that usually misleads the readings gained from normal thermometers.
  • Small, soft tip of the device penetrates into a baby’s delicate ear with ease.
  • Lens filter is disposable, which means this infrared thermometer is hygienic every time it is used.