Dr.Odin Electric Heating Pad Multipurpose


Dr.Odin Electric Heating Pad Multipurpose

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Product Highlights

  • Helps soothe sore muscles that cause back pain or neck pain or body pain
  • Provides an instant heat-up with dual safety
  • Heating Levels are 0=Off , 1=Low Heat, 2=High Heat
  • Flexible and long-lasting electric ortho heating pad
  • Made of  soft-touch and skin-friendly material
  • Has a long connecting cable and is convenient to use
  • Pad size: 11”x13.7”(28x35cm)Approx

Expert's Advice

Dr. Odin’s Electric Heating pad is an effective remedy for body pain because it boosts circulation, which then allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles. This circulation helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and improves back stiffness.

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MRP: 1,599.00

MRP: 1,599.00

Dr.Odin Electric Heating Pad Multipurpose

MRP: 1,599.00

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  • Provides warmth to the affected area of the body.
  • Heat opens blood vessels, which can assist the healing process and alleviate some of your pain. 
  • Due to the heat flow of this heating pad, blood flow increases and gives relief from arthritis pain from stiff joints
  • Helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the area being treated, contributing to healing. 
  • Can increase range of mobility and can help with pain management, muscle and joint stiffness.

Directions for Use

  • Turn on the flap covering the socket on the gel and plug in the connector cord.
  • After switching on, a red light (indicator) starts immediately showing heating is in process.
  • Wait for the gel pad to reach the desired temperature. The heat pad is ready to use.

Safety information

  • Don’t place a heating pad or heated gel pack directly on your skin. Wrap it in a towel before applying to skin to avoid burns. 
  • Don’t fall asleep using a heating pad.
  • When using a heating pad, start on the lowest level and slowly increase the heat intensity.


Due to the incorporation of flexible cabling, containing an overheating protection as well as proven safety materials and low EMF(Electromotive force), it is guaranteed that the heating pad does not present a source of danger if used correctly.

If you use a heating pad on a high setting, remove after 15 to 30 minutes to avoid burns. On a low setting, you can use the heating pad for a longer period, maybe up to one hour

Fat responds to a lower temperature than other cells in the body, heat can be used to destroy these cells without damaging surrounding skin and tissue.

If you have any of the conditions like bruises or swelling in the area, open wound in the area, diabetes one should not use this heating pad.

While heating pads can absolutely play a role in helping a muscle injury to heal, they must be used with extreme care and caution. Ensure you don’t fall asleep while using one and that you don’t use it for too long, or allow it to get too hot in one body area. 

Sleeping with your electric heating pad is dangerous and can lead to fires or skin burns.

For the past two decades, researchers have been investigating whether these EMFs(Electromotive force) can disrupt internal body control systems and increase the risk of cancer or weaken the immune system. So far, no studies have confirmed that EMFs increase the risk of cancer among adults. 

Apply to the affected area for no longer than 15 minutes. Use a layer of towels between your skin and the heating pad. Remove for at least 1 hour then repeat. 2-3 applications a day is advisable.

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