HERBALIFE NUTRITION-Afresh Energy Drink Mix – Ginger -50 gms


HERBALIFE NUTRITION-Afresh Energy Drink Mix – Ginger -50 gms

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Product Highlights

  • Gives a refreshing new feel.
  • Rich in guarana seed extract.
  • Zero-sugar.
  • High quality nutrients.
  • Combination of green tea extract and orange pekoe extract for antioxidant property.
  • Fights against free radical damage.
  • Can be replaced with your regular tea / coffee.

Expert's Advice

Herbalife afresh refreshing drink charges you up and boosts your body’s energy level to maximum, enabling you to carry out your daily activities easily.

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MRP: Offer: 543.00You Save: 201.00

HERBALIFE NUTRITION-Afresh Energy Drink Mix – Ginger -50 gms

MRP: Offer: 543.00You Save: 201.00

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  • Keeps the body healthy at cellular level.
  • Rich in green tea extract that boosts gut micro biome.
  • Caffeine helps in improving memory and speeds up.
  • Reduces fatigue to minimum level and gives the body the head start it needs.
  • Good inclusion in the diet of individuals who are on strict diet plan or for those who love lean muscles.
  • It helps to improve metabolism and also gives energy the body need.
  • Any adult person who wants to be active and alert can drink.
  • Caffeine helps to feel energized and alert.

Key Ingredients

  • Orange pekoe extract – high antioxidant property.
  • Guarana – natural source of energy.
  • Green tea extract – healthy bioactive component.
  • Caffeine – decrease fatigue.

Other Ingredients

Bulking agent (maltodextrin), tea powder (orange pekoe extract and green tea extract), caffeine powder(sourced from coffee bean powder) and acidity regulator (citric acid – INS 330),

Product Benefits

  • Improves metabolism.
  • Provides energy.
  • Refreshing drink with caffeine.
  • Rejuvenates mind and body.
  • High in antioxidants.
  • High caffeine -40 mg/160 ml.
  • Spicy ginger flavor

Direction of Use

  • Mix 1 gm of powder to 160 ml hot or cold water.
  • Drink thrice per day.

Safety Information

  • This product absorbs moisture easily. So do not leave in open condition.
  • Once the canister is open use it within 30 days.
  • Not for pregnant, lactating women, children, and people allergic or sensitive to caffeine.
  • High in caffeine. Do not consume more than 500 ml per day.


A refreshing drink helps to compensate loss of fluid and provides instant energy.

Orange pekoe tea has a high level of antioxidant, reduces free radical damage and restores cell destruction in the body.

Approximately 34 mg of caffeine per 6 oz cup of tea.

  • Considering its high caffeine content green tea is considered a natural stimulant. Thus provides a small amount of energy that may give you tiny boost to the day.

Afresh energy drink helps one feel energized and supports alertness.

Low in fat and zero added sugar makes it a great weight loss drink as well in varied flavor.

Available in ginger, lemon, elaichi, peach, cinnamon and tulasi flavor.

Contains caffeine which should not be taken more than the recommended dosage as it may increase blood sugar levels.

Afresh provides energy to the body and makes one feel more active. Can be used before or after meal.

Afresh contains 40 mg caffeine per serving.

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