Enzymatic Therapy – AM/PM PeriMenopause Formula – 60 Tablets

  • Supports energy, weight control and restful sleep.
  • Has green tea to support breast health, energy levels and healthy weight management.


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  • Perimenopause Formula, containing black cohosh, green tea, chaste tree berry, and Rhodiola in the morning tablet, and black cohosh, valerian, and hops for proven evening symptom reduction.
  • Supports relaxation, and promotes deep sleep.
  • For centuries women have been going through the “change of life” transitional time leading to the cessation of menstrual periods at menopause.
  • During perimenopause, hormone levels begin to fluctuate and then decline.
  • Provides relief for the symptoms of perimenopause, including fatigue and hot flashes, both day and night.