Flamingo Pediatric Arm Sling Small

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Flamingo Pediatric Arm Sling Small

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Product Highlights

  • Perfect arm sling for kids.
  • Ideal to be used for post-operative immobilization.
  • Provides support to the arm in 90 degree flexion.
  • Offers optimum support and relieves pain.
  • Has thumb holder for more comfort usage.
  • Common for left and right hand.
  • Available in 3 different sizes: S, M and L.

Expert's Advice

Pediatric arm sling provides comfortable immobilization to the child’s hand and promotes a healthy healing environment; recommended during surgical management of strain, sprain, fractures and dislocation of arm.

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MRP: 300.00

Flamingo Pediatric Arm Sling Small

MRP: 300.00

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  • Ideal arm sling for kids.
  • Will be beneficial in the following conditions fractures, dislocation of arm, distal humerus, elbow & radius ulna injuries.
  • Provides good support and immobilizes elbow in 90 degree flexion.
  • Has thumb holder for better grip.
  • Made of nursery patterned fabric to give maximum comfort to the child.
  • Presence of broad shoulder pad reduces pressure on the neck and shoulder.

Directions of Use

  • Place the child’s arm inside the sling pouch.
  • Insert the thumb into thumb loop for better grip.
  • Adjust the strap as per the comfortable resting height and angle of the arm.

Size chart

Size S – 15 to 17.5 cm.

Size M – 17.5 to 20 cm.

Size L – 20 to 22.5 cm.

Note: Measure length of the forearm.

Safety Information

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Place the baby’s arm inside the sling pouch. Insert his / her thumb into thumb loop for better grip. Then, adjust the strap as per your baby’s comfortable resting height and angle of the arm.

Flamingo pediatric arm sling is available in three sizes like small, medium and large. You can buy small size arm sling for your baby if he / she has forearm length between 15 to 17.5 cm, medium size for forearm length between 17.5 to 20 cm and large size arm sling is suitable for forearm length between 20 to 22. 5 cm.

Arm sling is beneficial in holding and supporting your arm to ensure immobilization and can reduce pain due to sprain, fracture, or surgery.

Generally, it is recommended to place broken / fractured arm in a sling as it restricts the movements of the injured place to promote healing.

For some injuries you need to keep your sling while you are in bed at night; so it is best to follow as your doctor’s instructions.

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