Flamingo Shoulder Support -XXL OC2042


Flamingo Shoulder Support -XXL OC2042

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Product Highlights

  • Supports and stabilizes the shoulder joint.
  • Provides warmth and relieves pain.
  • Comfortable to wear under clothing.
  • Flexible and suits left and right shoulder.
  • Comes in attractive black and beige colour.
  • Available in sizes S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL.

Expert's Advice

Shoulder support decreases the risk of further injury and dislocation by limiting the range that the shoulder is able to move into and relieves pain in shoulder joint in conditions like shoulder subluxation, shoulder dislocation, shoulder instability, rotator cuff tendonitis.

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MRP: 490.00

MRP: 490.00

Flamingo Shoulder Support -XXL OC2042

MRP: 490.00

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  • Provides warmth, stability, support and pain relief to the shoulder joint.
  • Allows the sports person or injured individual to gradually return to full range of motion .
  • Easily adjustable with hook and loop fasteners.
  • Reduces inflammation, gives joint flexibility and quickens the healing process.
  • Can be worn while working, sitting and performing low impact activities.
  • Measure circumference around the chest and choose size as follows:S- 75-85 cms, M – 85 – 95 cms, L -95-105, XL – 105-115 cms, 2XL -115-125 cms, 3XL  125-135 cms.
  • Can be handwashed with mild detergent and dry it on flat surface.

Direction of use

  • Position the product correctly over the shoulder cap.
  • Place the sleeve up by pulling it over the arm and shoulder .
  • Close the sleeve hook and loop closures to a comfortable fit.
  • Apply the strap under the positioning arm(left or right) and fasten it in the front region.

Safety information

  • Use it as per medical advice.
  • Do not dry clean, machine wash or use bleach.


Works well by stabilizing the shoulder joint, supports the ligament and strengthens muscle

If you feel pain in the shoulder you must wear a support as it gives extra support , minimize movement and seek medical advice to fasten the recovery process

Yes you can drive , do mild exercise and workouts while wearing the support.

Hand wash with mild detergent and dry well on flat surface. Do not iron, bleach or machine wash.

Yes can be worn discreetly under clothing

Difficulty and pain caused while raising your arm, popping or clicking sound when moving the arm, shoulder pain that worsens at night or pain while resting your arm

Try sleeping on your back with a small pillow nested between your shoulder blades if you feel pain on shoulder and rotator cuff.

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