Purastep Bunion Correction Toe Separator With Support – For Men And Women – Free Size

  • Helps to realign your big toes to a more natural position and provides relief from rubbing.
  • Can be worn with socks, shoes and day or night.


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Purastep Bunion Correction Toe Separator With Support

  • Bunion Corrector are made of medical-grade silicone/gel, which is latex free, soft, stretchable and washable, making them reusable and allergy friendly.
  • Protects toe from the discomfort, pressure and inflammation caused by bunions.
  • Separates big toe from the second toe creating a more natural and comfortable alignment for your toes.
  • Helps to separate, straighten, stretch and realign your toes.
  • Treats bunion, relieves your pain and separates overlapping toes without surgery.
  • Bunion toe straightener sleeves are one size fits most feet.
  • Snug fitting bunion socks won’t slide.
  • Cure the pain in big toe joint, tailors bunion and much more.