Vissco Limited motion knee splint


Vissco Limited motion knee splint

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  • Suitable for pre-operative and post-operative knee management
  • Relieves pain in the knees due to injury and degeneration.
  • Provides protected range of motion
  • Double locking straps for secure fit
  • Patellar opening for comfort and mobility
  • Range of mobility extends from 5 to 110 degrees
  • Fits to the contours of the knee

Expert's Advice

Limited motion knee splint provides protected range of motion or immobilisation to the knee. Relieves pain in the knees due to injury and degeneration. Its locking mechanism is compact, light weight and simple to operate and is suited for pre-operative and post-operative knee management rehabilitation

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MRP: 2,700.00

MRP: 2,700.00

Vissco Limited motion knee splint

MRP: 2,700.00

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  • Relieves pain in the knees due to injury and degeneration by immobilizing and stabilizing the knees.
  • Product allows both range of motion (ROM) and complete immobilization.
  • Designed to fit the contours on the knee.
  • Anatomically designed to support and stabilize the knee allowing early healing.
  • Specially nylon moulded straps provided on the dorsal and lateral sides, adjustable ones above the knee and two straps below the knee which ensures a snug fit.
  • Provides optimal comfort with its high-density foam sandwiched between the external and internal fabric.
  • Ideal for you if you have just had a cast removed.

Directions of Use:

  • Place the brace on your leg from behind the knee ensuring the contour cut fits at knee patella
  • Attach and lock the Velcro straps on the front to your comfort
  • Stretch the large elastic band over the patella, and lock the velcro.

Safety Information:

  • Keep away from reach of children
  • Handle as per doctor’s advice


When a joint does not move fully and easily in its normal manner it is considered to have a limited range of motion.

The stiffness, pain, and swelling associated with arthritis can severely reduce the range of motion of joints (the distance joints can move in certain directions).

Limited range of motion refers to a joint that has a reduction in its ability to move. Motion may be limited because of a problem within the joint, swelling of tissue around the joint, stiffness of the muscles, or pain.

When you don’t move around, your joints and muscles stiffen, making it harder for you to move the same way you did before. Your bones could lose mineral content, which may lead to osteoarthritis later on.

Within 7 to 10 days after your knee replacement, you should be able to get your knee entirely straight/full extension

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