Tynor Life Heating Pad Ortho – Regular – I-73


Tynor Life Heating Pad Ortho – Regular – I-73

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Product Highlights

  • Comes with 3 modes of temperature regulation.
  • Has auto cut off facility after 90 minutes of operation with LED indicator.
  • Distributes heat uniformly.
  • Robust design with water repellent thermostat.
  • Soft and safe on skin and does not cause any skin burns.
  • Washable material, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comes in universal size.

Expert's Advice

Tynor heating pad can be used synergetically with other pain relieving medications helps healing of inflamed /injured areas.

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MRP: 980.00

MRP: 980.00

Tynor Life Heating Pad Ortho – Regular – I-73

MRP: 980.00

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  • Tynor otho heating pad is an userfriendly pad for hot fomentation that aids faster healing of injured muscles, tissues along with other prescribed medication.
  • Provides hot fomentation of the injured or sprained area in the body.
  • Designed with Washable material, soldered wire joint , stable to heating temperature.
  • 40 to 60 degree temperature range with three different colour LED indicator for optimal temperature range selection.
  • Auto shut off led indication for extra safety and precaution.
  • Highly flexible and fits to the body contour with soft feather like feel.

Product benefits

  • Provides hot fomentation.
  • Induces vaso dilation
  • Promotes tissue healing.
  • Relaxes muscles.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Soft and flexible.

Direction of use

  • Place the heating pad ortho on the affected body part that needs hot fomentation.
  • Plug in and switch it on.
  • Sit or lay down in comfortable position and switch on the hand controller.
  • Adjust the regulator for comfortable heating temperature.
  • After use turn off and remove the pad.

Safety information:

  • While beginning start at a lower temperature and then increase gradually.
  • Wash and maintain it clean.
  • Use as per medical advice.
  • Avoid usage if the electrical cord is damaged /broken.
  • Designed to use along with other treatments and medication suggested by healthcare practitioner/ orthopedician.


Sit or lay down in comfortable position but don’t use if you are falling asleep.

Heating pad is designed to provide hot fomentation to quickly get relief from pain.

Your doctor may advise the recommendation based on the level of injury. Apply to the affected area as per medical advice. Use a layer of towel or clothing between your skin and heating pad.2-3 applications is generally recommended generally with atleast 1 hour difference.

Unlikely to raise a person’s core body temperature.

Raising temperature of the injured tissue enhances the healing process as well.

Scientifically designed and gives soft feel without irritating the skin , comfortable hand grip for easy control of temperature and also provides uniform load bearing.

Tynor heating pad enhances the threshold of pain and also reduces the perception of pain.

Using this heat pad on your lower abdomen can help get relief from menstrual cramps.

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