Tynor Lumbo Back Rest

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Tynor Lumbo Back Rest

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Product Highlights

  • Reduces and prevents lower back pain
  • It acts as optimal back support
  • Prevents discomfort and fatigue during long sitting hours
  • Relieves pain and stress due to poor posture
  • It is lightweight and portable, making it suitable for traveling
  • Better cushioning and long functional life.
  • Maintains perfect posture all day long. 
  • Easy to use, washable, more comfortable to the user and durable 
  • Available universal in size

Expert's Advice

Anatomic design maintains natural lower back curve, side support that holds the body and helps in relieving anterior pressure on the vertebras, and suitable for use during long travel, long sitting hours and especially for computer professionals

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MRP: 1,640.00

MRP: 1,640.00

Tynor Lumbo Back Rest

MRP: 1,640.00

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  • Anatomic design maintains the lower back curve
  • Relieves the anterior pressure on the vertebras
  • Auto shaping foam conforms to the lumbosacral spine
  • Back straps hold the backrest in place 
  • High resilience foam provides better cushioning
  • Use of high-density foam provides longer functional life
  • Modern aesthetics, smart cover, plush cover makes it easy to use anywhere in Office, Home, Car

Direction to use

  • Unfasten the hook and loop
  • Place the lumbo backrest against the seat
  • Now fasten the holding hook loops
  • Now sit in such a way that your lower back is resting against the lumbo backrest.
  • Ensure that the lumbar spinal curves match with the curvature of the lumbar backrest

Safety information

  • Read the instruction label carefully before use
  • Keep it away from sharp objects


The backrest is designed to maintain the natural lower back curve and relieve anterior pressure on the vertebrae in people who sit for longer durations

Yes. The back rest comes with a removable and washable cover.

Lumbar support promotes good posture by propping up the natural curvature of the spine, acting as a wedge between your back and the car’s seat to support your lower back’s natural inward curvature, preventing this fragile region from bearing the weight of your body and supports lumbar spine during long travel

If you use to sit for long hours, then it is difficult to maintain a good posture. However, prolonged sitting increases the pressure on your back muscles, spinal discs, which can aggravate back pain. Backrest aligns your neck, back and improves your posture and beneficial for people who sit for long hours and computer professionals.

Lightweight and portable back rest that can be placed on any chair, car seat, sofa, wheel chair, bed or on the floor.

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