Organic India Scar Healing Oil Restorative Rosehip 60ml

  • Reduces stretch marks caused by pregnancy as well as sudden growth spurts, surgery wounds and kitchen burns.
  • Restores skin elasticity.
  • Makes skin soft, healthy and happy


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  • Specially formulated to reduce scar tissue.
  • Decreases pigmentation and redness.
  • Infused with the powerful healing qualities of Rosehip Seed Oil.
  • Rosehip oils essential fatty acid aids in skin elasticity and regeneration.
  • Prepared with more than 80 Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils.
  • Helps heal scars and repair the elasticity of skin.
  • Rich ayurvedic herbal oil
  • Apply on the affected area and massage the oil gently in circular motions until fully absorbed. Repeat 1-3 times a day. Continue till scar tissue reduce