Baby Tooth Brush 6-36 M (Pink)


Baby Tooth Brush 6-36 M (Pink)

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Product Highlights

  • Baby tooth brush for infants above 6 months upto 3 years.
  • Removes plaque and food residues.
  • Keeps baby mouth completely clean.
  • Ergonomically shaped head and thin neck.
  • Tapered technology bristles gives feather effect.
  • Safe on baby’s gum and milk teeth.
  • Available in 3 colours pink, blue and green.  Note: Colour may vary according to the availability of the product.

Expert's Advice

Easier tool to make brushing comfortable and enjoyable with ultra fine bristles that is soft on gums and milk teeth , cleans effectively giving all round protection and maintains dental hygiene from childhood.

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MRP: 279.00

MRP: 279.00

Baby Tooth Brush 6-36 M (Pink)

MRP: 279.00

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  • The baby’s irritated gums get relieved by the innovative ultra-fine tapered bristles, which are gentle and extra-soft.
  • Ultra thin bristles and rounded head design enables the kid to reach effectively the unreachable areas in the mouth.
  • Anti slip grip handle makes it comfortable for the baby’s and kids and parents  to hold easily to learn brushing.
  • Comes with bristle cover for safe and hygienic storage
  • The neck is slightly angled to reach the other parts of the mouth, which are not properly visible.
  • The fun and vivid decorations will make your little one giggle and makes the brushing time fun filled with happy state of mind.

Direction of use:

  • Take pea-sized toothpaste on the toothbrush.
  • Gently brush gums and teeth of your baby in circular motion.
  • Rinse and gargle.
  • Brush twice per day- morning and before bedtime.

Safety information:

  • Even though the bristles are hard it removes plaque effectively so do not brush harshly.
  • Child should use it under adult supervision only.


Once the baby’s first tooth starts to appear, start using a soft-bristled brush designed specifically for infants and young toddlers to brush their teeth.

Even if they throw the brush make them understand, brush their teeth slowly and lightly to prevent any damage. Have some time and you can also brush with them to make it  a routine.

It is designed keeping in mind the soft gums and milk teeth of babies with ultra thin bristles to be soft enough and safe for baby teeth.

It will cause bacteria to develop in the mouth and can lead to illness.

As soon as your child has a tooth, plaque can begin building up on the surface of the tooth causing decay. So brush once the first tooth erupts.

Twice per day is ideal and must brush before going to bed as it avoids food or milk to sit in their mouth overnight.

Yes cleaning the gums is crucial part to maintain dental health.

Brushing the baby’s teeth and gum can relieve teething pain and encourage tooth eruption.

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