Mee Mee Premium Grooming Care Set


Mee Mee Premium Grooming Care Set

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Product Highlights

  • Set of products to groom your baby.
  • Made of safe, premium quality and non toxic materials.
  • Helps in safe and enjoyable grooming.
  • Each product is designed to ensure better experience.
  • Suitable for babies from day 1.
  • Note: Colour may vary according to the availability.

Expert's Advice

Mee mee premium grooming set for babies consists of all the essentials which are non-toxic, safe and premium quality to groom your baby from day 1.

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MRP: 599.00

Mee Mee Premium Grooming Care Set

MRP: 599.00

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Tooth & gum cleaning finger brush 

  • Finger brush designed for easy grip and quick cleaning, helps you to clean your baby’s gums and teeth gently yet effectively.
  • Made from BPA free, safe, non toxic and premium quality soft silicone material.
  • Ensures proper cleaning and there is no food / milk deposits are left behind.
  • Ergonomically designed bristles for quick and easy cleaning of milk deposits from the gums.
  • Massage spots or fine pressure points on the back of the brush massages and soothes your baby’s gums.

Easy grip nail clipper

  • Specially designed nail clippers for your baby’s delicate skin and nails.
  • Made from premium quality stainless steel blade which is rust-free and durable.
  • Smooth edges with slight sharpness to ensure safe and perfect for trimming tail nails.
  • Small size of the clipper allows you to carry in your travel bag / purse / hand bag.


Baby comb and brush

  • Specially designed comb and brush for babies’ delicate scalp and hair.
  • Extra soft bristles of the brush detangle the baby’s hair without pulling it.
  • Soft rounded teeth edges of the comb gives smooth combing experience.
  • Made from international quality, non toxic and food-grade polypropylene material.


Soft nozzle nasal aspirator 

  • Provides a unique technique to clean your baby’s nose; it consists of soft nozzle and squeezable pump.
  • Its soft tip won’t damage your baby’s mucous membrane.
  • Easily removes mucus and make your baby breathe, feed and sleep better.
  • Relieves blocked or runny nose and reduces the risk of nasal congestion.
  • Gently sucks out the mucus build-up inside the baby’s nostrils without causing any discomfort to the baby.

Contents of the kit

  1. Tooth & gum cleaning finger brush
  2. Easy grip nail clipper
  3. Baby comb and brush
  4. Soft nozzle nasal aspirator

Directions of Use

  1. Tooth & gum cleaning finger brush 
    • Insert your index finger into the finger brush.
    • Take pea-sized toothpaste on the bristles.
    • Gently brush gums and teeth of your baby in circular motion.
    • Rinse and gargle.


    Easy grip nail clipper

    • Hold the baby nail clipper in one hand and you babies palm on the other hand.
    • Gently use the clipper to trim / cut the nails.


    Baby comb and brush

    • Gently comb your baby’s hair with this mee mee baby comb / brush.


    Soft nozzle nasal aspirator 

    • Always use well cleaned / sterilized nose cleaner.
    • Hold the baby in your arms.
    • Compress the rubber pump first before placing soft nozzle into baby’s nostril.
    • Pump gently till mucus is cleared; pause for a few seconds and repeat this process in case there is a lot of mucus build-up.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Mee mee premium grooming care set includes tooth & gum cleaning finger brush, easy grip nail clipper, baby comb and brush and soft nozzle nasal aspirator.

Finger brush is used to keep your baby’s teeth and gums clean with the mother’s touch.

As baby nails are too soft than adults, using normal nail cutter can cause harm. So, using baby clippers which are specially designed to cut tiny nails is safe and convenient.

You can use nose cleaner when your baby has difficulty in breathing or noisy breathing due to excess mucus and when you suspect that your baby has cold.

There is no set age to start combing / brushing hair, you can start combing your baby’s hair from day 1; but always remember to use the right kind of brush with soft bristles.

Yes. As mee mee finger brush is made of BPA free, safe, non toxic and premium quality soft silicone material, it is safe for babies.

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