Chicco Electric Toothbrush (Pink) (3-6Yrs)


Chicco Electric Toothbrush (Pink) (3-6Yrs)

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Product Highlights

  • Removes plaque and food residues
  • Comes with tapered technology bristles
  • Has a long lasting battery
  • 10000 vibrations/minute
  • Extra set of bristles are included
  • Suitable for babies of 3 to 6 years of age

Expert's Advice

The electric toothbrush has thinner bristles that provides the complete safety of the oral care of the baby's mouth. It helps in removing plaque and germs more easily from the teeth of the baby.Contains a long lasting battery. Suitable for 3 to 6 years of babies.

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MRP: 799.00

MRP: 799.00

Chicco Electric Toothbrush (Pink) (3-6Yrs)

MRP: 799.00

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  • Electric toothbrush is provided with tapered technology bristles.
  • Bristles are much thinner like feathers and provides soft and gentle brushing on a baby’s milk teeth. 
  • These feather-like thin bristles are more effective in reaching untouched areas in the baby’s mouth. 
  • Ultra-thin toothbrush and  helps in the removal of plaque and food residues. 
  • The child can easily hold the toothbrush to brush their teeth as the grip of the toothbrush is excellent.
  • Chicco electric toothbrush has a long-life battery included with the toothbrush. 
  • Designed with more vibrations for automatic cleaning of gums and teeth 
  • The vibrating brush head, combined with the intelligent technology bristles, has delicate enamel and      sensitive gums. 
  • Efficient and long-lasting cleaning of teeth with one different set of tapered bristles. 
  • There is a Replacement brush head included in the pack.
  • A replaceable battery slot is provided with the electric toothbrush. 

Directions for Use

  • Start using your electric toothbrush without toothpaste, wetting the bristles 
  • Also can be used by taking a pea sized toothpaste
  • Brush for 2 minutes

Safety information

  • Do not immerse the brush in water
  • Keep away from reach of children
  • Store in a small glass or container


An electronic toothbrush keeps your teeth, gums, and tongue cleaner and healthier and helps to fight gingivitis and gum disease

Store it in a small glass or container . If you’re keeping several brush heads in each container, make sure to keep each brush head separate from the others

Yes,  electric toothbrushes are waterproof and can be made wet. But  immersing your brush in water should not be done

A good oral health routine is  that whether you’re using a manual or electric toothbrush you should be brushing for two minutes, twice a day.

Yes, can use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste in electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes have a two minute timer, which should be enough to brush all your teeth.

Using an electric toothbrush is different than brushing with a manual brush. You should not move the brush head back and forth like a manual toothbrush. Tilt the brush upright when cleaning the inner surfaces of upper and lower front teeth

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