Chicco NaturalFeeling 6M+ Fast Flow Teats (Pack of 2Pcs)

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Chicco NaturalFeeling 6M+ Fast Flow Teats (Pack of 2Pcs)

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Product Highlights

  • Natural feeling teat with fast flow for feeding growing babies after 6 months.
  • Baby easily adopts even in mixed feeds that is bottle feed and breast feed.
  • Designed with double anticolic valve at the base.
  • Soft silicone teats comfort baby with mum effect.
  • Made of BPA free materials, thus safe to use.
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MRP: Offer: 389.00You Save: 90.00 Inclusive of all taxes

MRP: Offer: 389.00You Save: 90.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Chicco NaturalFeeling 6M+ Fast Flow Teats (Pack of 2Pcs)

MRP: Offer: 389.00You Save: 90.00 Inclusive of all taxes

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  • The NaturalFeeling teat has a flexible, satin-textured silicone nipple and a smooth, rounded base for a smooth latch. 
  • A fast flow teat, combined with dual anti-colic valves prevents the air from mixing with the feed and thereby minimizing colic and regurgitation.
  • The Exclusive teat with a rounded base supports a comfortable position and natural latch for a growing baby. 
  • The teat is BPA free and made of food grade material.
  • Natural feeling teat/ nipple allows a natural latch and ensures comfort of both, mother and the baby.

Direction of use

  • Place in boiling water for 5 minutes to Sterilise before use.
  • Wash by hand before each use with warm water , dishwashing detergent and rinse thoroughly.
  • Attach to the feeding bottle with expressed breast milk or formula feed
  • Make sure that the teat is fitted correctly on the feeding bottle cap ring, by pulling its tip upwards and the cap ring is screwed correctly onto the feeding bottle to avoid any leakage.
  • Check that the flow is suitable for the child’s needs, paying attention to any difficulties in sucking or leakage of milk from the mouth.
  • After feeding clean and rinse immediately .

Safety information

  • Never use feeding teats as soothers.
  • Place the teat in correct position.
  • Inspect well before each use by pulling the feeding teat in all directions. 
  • Throw away on first signs of damage or weakness.
  • Change the size as the baby grows.
  • Do not over boil or scrub wash the teat as the material is soft and tend to damage easily


Based on your baby’s age change the teat. You can use level 3 teat after 6 months. Change immediately if damaged.

Natural feeling teat from chicco mimics the latch and sucking pattern similar to breast feed and prevents colic and spit ups, comforts the baby and is ideal for growing infants after 6 months

6M+ teat has fast flow that is ideal for newborns after 6 months and comfortable for the baby with perfect feeding.

You can choose a range of feeding bottle after 6 months use from chicco based on the required milk storage capacity.

Can be used to feed expressed breast milk when the mother is away from the child.

Change immediately if broken or damaged. Teats should be changed every month and upsized as the baby grows

A fast flow rate, combined with dual anti-colic valves prevents the air from mixing with the feed and thereby minimizing colic and regurgitation

The flow rate is different in teats as the baby grows. You have to choose fast flow above 6 months, medium flow after 2 months and slow flow for newborns

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