ICPA Replay Denture Cleaning Kit With Storage Container And Adhesive


ICPA Replay Denture Cleaning Kit With Storage Container And Adhesive

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Product Highlights

  • Has all the components you need to clean and take care of your dentures
  • Denture storewell storage Box to keep your dentures safe while they are not in your mouth
  • Clinsodent cleaning tablets and Clinsodent Denture Brush are the best  tools to clean your dentures
  • The kit also includes Fixon Adhesive Cream to help you fix your dentures in place.

Expert's Advice

A perfect solution for all denture management issues that has all components needed to clean and take care of dentures and is hygienically designed.

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MRP: Offer: 259.00You Save: 72.00

ICPA Replay Denture Cleaning Kit With Storage Container And Adhesive

MRP: Offer: 259.00You Save: 72.00

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  • Denture Management kit consisting of Denture Storewell, Clinsodent Tablets,Clinsodent brush and Fixon Dixture Adhesive Cream.
  • Clinsodent Denture Brush is hygienically designed that leaves no seam where dirt can get trapped.
  • 2 types of nylon bristles designed to clean all surfaces and grooves.
  • Contoured design-maximizes control of brushing.
  • Ambidexterity-works in right or left hand
  • Clinsodent tablets effervescent Denture Cleansing tablets formulated to clean all water insoluble residues from dentures.
  • Its powerful antibacterial formula kills germs that cause odour and plaque.
  • The baking soda and peroxide formula fights germs and whitens and refresh dentures.
  • Fixon cream denture adhesive cream holds dentures surely and comfortable all day long
  • Seals out food particles and prevents them from going underneath the denture surface.
  • Helps patients eat, speak, look and feel better
  • Has a fresh, fruity taste and helps control denture odour.


  •  Denture Storewell
  •    Clinsodent Tablets
  •   Clinsodent Brush
  •   Fixon


  • This is a perfect solution for all denture management issues.
  • This kit has best tools to clean dentures and also an adhesive cream to fix dentures in place

Directions of Use

Clinsodent tablet:

Drop 1 tablet into enough warm water to cover denture or appliance.

Place the denture into effervescing blue solution

Leave your denture or appliance in this solution for 30 minutes to completely remove all invisible water insoluble residues.

Use once a day.

Fixon adhesive cream:

Clean and dry your denture

Apply adhesive in short strips

Rinse mouth thoroughly with water before inserting denture

Press dentures in place,hold finally and bit down for a few seconds to secure.

Removal procedure:

Swish mouth with water

Slowly remove dentures by using a rocking motion

Remove denture adhesive residue from denture and wash with warm water and a soft brush.

Use Clinsodent denture cleanser to thoroughly clean the denture

Safety Information

  •    Use under medical supervision
  •    Don’t drink cleansing solution or use it as a mouthwash
  •   Do not put tablet in mouth
  •   Keep out of reach of children


Storage Container for keeping dentures, brush and denture tablets for cleaning dentures and a tube of paste for fixing dentures in mouth.

It’s just a cleanser and it won’t fix any broken pieces or teeth.

Twice a day , when wake up in morning and before going to bed at night.

Soak in mild soap or in a dental cleaning solution each night.

You can use an electric or soft- bristled regular toothbrush on your natural teeth.

This brush has nylon bristles for easy denture cleaning that leaves no seam where dirt can get trapped.

This holds the dentures securely and comfortable all day long.It helps the patient eat,speak,look and feel better

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