Pigeon go mini electric breast pump


Pigeon go mini electric breast pump

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Product Highlights

  • Mini electric breast pump to express milk anywhere and anytime.
  • Control buttons designed for easy one hand operation
  • Easy switch between stimulation and expression
  • Portable and compact size with mini motor
  • Lanyard loop to hold securely during use.
  • Animated light display to indicate suction level.
  • 3D pattern for anti slip feature 
  • Supported using power bank and DC adapter.
  • Compatible with pigeon slim neck bottle.

Expert's Advice

Trendy and simple to use,Go Mini electric breast pump suits the everyday need of modern,breastfeeding mums who stay away from infants for work , useful for scheduling baby’s feeding time and increases breast milk supply when baby can’t latch properly at the early stage.

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MRP: Offer: 4,510.00You Save: 1,480.00

MRP: Offer: 4,510.00You Save: 1,480.00

Pigeon go mini electric breast pump

MRP: Offer: 4,510.00You Save: 1,480.00

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  • One Hand System makes it easier to handle with the ergonomically designed handle.
  • Completely Adjustable Pumping – imitates baby’s suckling pattern for a faster milk let-down.
  • Expresses milk in two modes, expression and stimulation mode which can be easily switched in one touch button.
  • Electrically operated and lightweight with overall motor weight 145 gm.
  • The suction pressure of the breast pump can be adjusted upto 5 levels as per the mothers comfort.
  • Comfortable and successful milk expression the perfect Sealing Air Cushion™ fits on the breast perfectly by softly enveloping and gently stimulating the breast.
  • Silent Pumping enables full privacy during use, and the piped down design and functionality allows to discreetly express milk wherever you are.


Pump Body, Funnel, Bottle Stand, Tube Connector, Wide Neck Bottle Adapter, Pump Body Lid, Hood, Sealing Disk, Inner Sup, Nipple, Milk Valve(2U), Tube, Motor Pump Unit, Power Adapter, USB Power Card.

Direction of use

  • Attach milk valve , Insert inner cup , to pump body
  • Align arrows , insert pump body lid to pump body and turn clockwise to lock
  • Attach funnel to pump body and attach with comfort fit flange on the breast.
  • Press bottle into bottle stand
  • Insert one end of the tube into pump body
  • Insert tube with connector into motor
  • Motor can be power on with portable power source or Dc adapter.
  • Press and hold to turn on or off
  • Press mode button to switch between stimulation mode and expression mode
  • Press increase or decrease button to customize the suction pressure to the desired level.

Safety information

  • Wash and sterilize the parts well after and before every use.
  • Do not store breast milk for longer hours.
  • Do not freeze or warm the milk before feeding to avoid depletion of nutrients.


Breast engorgement occurs if the baby removes less milk from the breast when feeding than the amount that the mother produces and excess milk is stored as lump leading to breast engorgement.

Use it on low setting for not more than 10 minutes as engorged breast tissue is more suspectible to damage.

At least eight to ten times every 24 hours is the minimum time you can feed your baby.

Pump for few minutes if baby doesn’t latch / suck well to stimulate milk production and once the milk expression begins feed your baby directly.

No the pump body will prevent backflow of milk expressed.

Electric and manual breast pump serves the same purpose of expressing milk whereas electrical pumps are convenient to use as the motor does the pumping for you.

During first 10-15 seconds you may feel uncomfortable as it stretches the nipple but pumping does not hurt or cause any pain.

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