Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray 100 ML

Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray 100 ML

MRP: 2,500.00

  • Specially formulated to hold Nanogen hair fibres in place.
  • Provides impressive, long lasting resistance to wind, rain and perspiration.

Expert's Advice

For immediate camoflauge effect

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  • Suitable for Minoxidil users.
  • Designed specifically to be used alongside our hair fibres.
  • Helps protects colour from sun damage.
  • Delivers an unrivalled natural looking finish with every use.
  • Carefully selected for its wide and gentle spray application so as not to dislodge your perfect fibre pattern when applying.
  • Contains skin friendly ingredients , added fragrance and some alcohol derivatives

Directions For Use

  • Apply your Keratin Hair Fibres as normal.
  • For a secure hold, hold the bottle 10cm from your hair and spray four times.
  • For maximum water resistance, hold the bottle 5cm away and spray eight times (‘double sprays’).
  • If your hair gets wet, allow it to air dry without touching it, then reapply Locking Spray as required.
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