Ducray Neoptide Lotion 30 ml

Ducray Neoptide Lotion 30 ml

MRP: 5,560.00

  • Reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth with its targeted action on the growth phase of hair.
  • Anti-hair loss lotion with light texture facilitates daily use, without leaving hair oily.

Expert's Advice

In cases with telogen effluvium, it proves good and a minimum period of 6 weeks is needed to show results


  • Makes hair supple and soft.
  • Good tolerance.
  • Non-greasy/Non-sticky.
  • No rinse required.
  • Once per day (12 sprays).
  • Use a comb and make parts in the hair to properly distribute the product directly over the entire scalp. Massage well. Do not rinse.
  • Treatment: 3 months minimum.
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