pigeon bottle and food warmer


pigeon bottle and food warmer

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Product Highlights

  • Designed to heat baby food and feeding bottle.
  • Delivers 3 heating modes to satisfy different needs.
  • Suitable for all nursing bottles and milk storage bags.
  • Safe for baby as it is free from harmful plastic.
  • Fits all bottle sizes and suitable for warming milk and baby food.
  • Maintains warmth at desired temperature.
  • Easy to handle , wash and carry.

Expert's Advice

Allows the baby to enjoy warm milk and food at desired temperature as warm milk is easier to digest with advanced heating technology that delivers instant and automatic heating.

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MRP: Offer: 3,016.00You Save: 983.00

pigeon bottle and food warmer

MRP: Offer: 3,016.00You Save: 983.00

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  • Uses advanced heating technology that enables 3 modes of heating like instant heating, maintenance of desired temperature and automatic heating.
  • Comes with cover, food tray, milk bottle ladle and indicator light.
  • Safe for baby as the heating cup, cover and warmer do not contain harmful plastic or chemical
  • Choose keep warm mode for milk , heating mode for baby food and rapid heating mode for heating milk.
  • Can control temperature from 20oC to 80oC to ensure desired heating method.
  • Does not overheat the food and depletes the nutrition.

Direction of use

  • Place the warmer on table and pour in 140 ml of water inside.
  • Place the food tray into the warmer with food. For bottle warming place the bottle ladle with bottle of milk above the warmer.
  • Choose mode according to your need- to warm or to heat or instant heat.
  • When the indicator light turns on the warmer will start heating
  • When the temperature of water decreases keep warm mode will be automatically activated.

Safety information

  • Check the temperature of feed before feeding your baby.
  • Please do not attempt to open the circuit.


Bottle warmer are beneficial than microwave as they use water bath or steam to warm the milk without uneven heating or damaging the nutrients.

When the Indicator Light is ON, the warmer will START heating. When the Indicator Light is OFF, the warmer will STOP heating. 

Heats up in five minutes using water bath temperature.

Many babies prefer to drink warmer liquids mimicking the warm temperature of breast milk babies get when breastfeeding. So bottle warmers are better option for grown up infants.

Warm foods are easier to digest as they don’t need extra energy to warm up the food in their tummy.

Yes can be used to warm expressed breast milk prior feeding.

When breast milk is warmed or heated above 38oC it leads to protein breakdown and may lose important immune factors and difficult to digest.

Safe for babies as they do not contain harmful plastic but do not overheat the feed as the nutrients may deplete

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