Romsons breast adjustable manual breast pump


Romsons breast adjustable manual breast pump

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Product Highlights

Easy for stimulation and expression of breast milk.

  • Expresses milk by pressing the manual handle.
  • With two suction power levels adjustment.
  • Painless and smooth milk let down 
  • Soft and comfortable breast shield gives snug fit against breast.
  • Streamline and comfortable handle pump at your convenience.
  • Massages the breast and stimulates more milk secretion.
  • Useful for mothers when leaving baby apart for longer durations.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.

Expert's Advice

Breast pump mimics baby’s sucking for maximum comfort and stimulation by pressing the manual handle in two modes stimulation mode that massages and expression mode that imitates sucking rhythm.

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MRP: 2,400.00

MRP: 2,400.00

Romsons breast adjustable manual breast pump

MRP: 2,400.00

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  • Manual breast pump can be used anywhere discreetly to express breastmilk.
  • Soft and gentle massage cushion ensures a snug fit and creates gentle vaccum to express milk easily without causing any pain.
  • Ergonomic and anti slip handle help control the rhythm and suction of the pump by controlling the force applied on the handle by the mother.
  • Dual mode of suction – stimulation mode that massages the breast and stimulates milk secretion and expression mode that imitates the sucking rhythm of the baby that in turn helps prevent any backflow of milk.
  • Storage bottle is made up of BPA free plastic and can be cleaned and sterilised easily.
  • Easy to use, assemble and carry anywhere and comes with minimum attachments.
  • Comes with breastfeeding accessories – 120 ml milk bottle, standard neck bottle converter and nipple kit.

Direction of use

Sit in a comfortable position

  • Place the breast shield covering the breast completely
  • Start pumping gently to stimulate the smooth letdown.

For Stimulation mode:

  • Place  the concave of the handle in such a way that it  slips into the upper concave of the small pull rod.
  • Massaging starts and the milk gets stored.

For Expression mode:

  • Place  the concave of the handle in such a way that it slips into the lower concave of the small pull rod .
  • Mimics the sucking action of baby and lets down milk.

Safety information

  • Follow hygiene standards while using the pump.
  • Do not pump often.


Use a mode that makes you feel comfortable without causing pain.

Plan to pump atleast 8 to 10 times in 24 hours if exclusively pumping and breastfeeding on newborns.

Usually 20 – 30 minutes to rebuild adequate flow and one hour to rebuild a peak flow.

Pump at least 15 minutes each side and always give yourself enough time as it may take few minutes for your milk to begin let down.

As a breastfeeding mom you must drink water frequently to keep yourself and the baby hydrated  and it also prevents constipation. When you don’t get enough hydration your milk supply will also get affected.

Pumping and breastfeeding often is a good method to prevent lump and also a good method that stimulates breast milk supply.

Not more than 5-6 hours during the first few months.

No designed with silicone breastshield that prevents pain by giving snug fit.

Can be sterilized in hot water. Can use mild soap to clean. After completely cleaning the bottle, place all the accessories in warm water and leave it for few minutes.

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