Medela Breast Milk Bottle (250 ml) with Teat


Medela Breast Milk Bottle (250 ml) with Teat

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Product Highlights

  • Versatile breast milk bottle with teat. 
  • Teat made of soft silicone material. 
  • Spare teats are also available. 
  • Bottle keeps the expressed milk safe & hygiene. 
  • Convenient to use, carry and store. 
  • Compatible with all the medela breast pumps.
  • No cracking or shattering when dropped. 

Expert's Advice

Breast milk bottle with teat is ideal to express, store, freeze and feed the breast milk; there is no loss of milk as you pump and feed using the same bottle. As it is compatible with all medela breast pumps, it is suitable for moms who need to store breast milk.

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MRP: 499.00

Medela Breast Milk Bottle (250 ml) with Teat

MRP: 499.00

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  • Multipurpose breast milk bottle comes with teat.
  • You can use this to express, store and freeze; comes with teat to feed the breast milk. 
  • Storage bottle designed for the safe, long-term storage of breast milk. 
  • Made of safe plastic, designed to retain the breast milk’s natural beneficial properties.
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. 
  • Ounce and millimeter markings on the bottle make it easy to measure the exact amount of milk you have expressed. 
  • Featured with screw-on lids so that they do not leak when they are stored in the fridge or freezer, or transported.

Safety Information

  • Refer the enclosed manual carefully. 
  • Disinfect before first use and once a day.
  • Clean all parts immediately after use to avoid dry up of milk residues and to prevent growth of bacteria.
  • Only use drinking-quality water for cleaning.
  • Avoid touching the inside of bottle.
  • Check the components for wear or damage before use. Replace if necessary.
  • Store in a cool and dry place. 
  • Keep out of reach of children.


The teat of medela breast milk bottle is made of soft silicone material which is totally safe for babies

Yes. You can use medela breast milk bottle to pump and store the breast milk; you can also feed your baby using the same bottle.

Disassemble all the parts of the bottle, wash and rinse all parts. Place the parts in a saucepan of sufficient capacity. Fill it with cold water until the parts are well covered. Heat it up and allow to boil for 5 minutes. Remove from stove and drain water off. Dry the parts with a clean towel.

It is recommended to replace the teats every 3 months for hygiene reasons. Spare teats for medela bottles are also available. 

It is ideal to store breast milk in bottles if you are planning to store milk in refrigerator for one or two days that is for short-term storage; it is best to store breast milk in bags if you are planning to freeze the milk in freezer for longer-term storage.

There is no harm in storing breast milk in bottles; but make sure that, the bottle is cleaned, sterilized and has no BPA. 

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