V Wash Plus Intimate Wash (200 ml)

V Wash Plus Intimate Wash (200 ml)

MRP: 300.00

  • Daily use intimate hygiene wash to avoid irritation itching.
  • Helps maintain the ideal ph level 3.5-4.5  balance of a woman’s delicate intimate area.

Expert's Advice

Good for use in menopausal women especially if you experience itching in your private parts


  • V wash plus has lactic acid to protect your most delicate area from vaginal infections & maintain vaginal ph balance.
  • Anti-irritants like Tea Tree Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil that help prevent dryness, itchiness, and irritation.
  • Free of harmful chemicals like SLS and Parabens.
  • Special formulation helps in maintaining healthy vaginal flora.
  • Liquid wash to protect the protective layer which is acidic in nature.
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