Pigeon Baby Digital Thermometer


Pigeon Baby Digital Thermometer

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Product Highlights

  • Electronic thermometer to check baby’s body temperature.
  • For oral, rectum and armpit use. 
  • BPA free. 
  • Has soft and flexible tip.
  • Fever alarm to indicate high temperature. 
  • Recalls last temperature reading.
  • Comes with auto shut off feature.
  • Storage case for hygiene purpose. 

Expert's Advice

Baby digital thermometer with advanced feature to provide fast & reliable temperature results in few seconds; ideal for home use as well as you can carry this lightweight thermometer wherever you go. Note that your baby’s normal body temperature is usually a bit higher than that of adults, so don’t take any medications without consulting your doctor.

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MRP: Offer: 430.00You Save: 120.00

Pigeon Baby Digital Thermometer

MRP: Offer: 430.00You Save: 120.00

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  • Mercury free digital thermometer with LCD display designed to provide accurate and reliable results.
  • Flexible tip provides comfortable and proper reading. 
  • You can know yourself and your loved one’s body temperature at the comfort of your home with this thermometer. 
  • Fever alarm indicates when the temperature is above 37.8 ℃.
  • Beep sounding feature signals the procedure is complete and intimates the correct time to remove the device.
  • Lightweight, sleek construction and carry case makes it ideal to carry in a bag to access while travelling. 
  • Battery life is approximately 200 hours.

Directions of Use

  • Take out the temperature from the case.
  • Clean the thermometer tip with soft cloth.
  • Turn on the power button.
  • Use it orally or under the arm on your baby.
  • Hold it until you hear “beep” sound.
  • Read the temperature.
  • Press power button to switch off.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  •  Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Make sure that the tip is clean before use, especially oral use. 


The normal body temperature in babies is about 36.4 ˚C, but this can vary slightly. Usually, a high temperature or fever is considered to be a temperature of 38 ˚C or above.

Take out the temperature from the case, Clean the thermometer tip with soft cloth, Turn on the power button, Use it orally or under the arm, Hold it until you hear “beep” sound, Read the temperature, Press power button to switch off. 

Mostly, thermometers give accurate results if it is used correctly. But sometimes it can provide wrong result, placing thermometer in incorrect position, external temperature, effect of room temperature can be the reasons. 

Pigeon thermometer provides accurate results as it can measure temperature up to 2 decimal points

Yes. Underarm temperature can give accurate body temperature reading. But note that, as the underarm is easily affected by air temperature, waiting for another few seconds after you heard beep sound to ensure a more accurate reading.

Open the cap at the bottom of the thermometer. Carefully remove the battery from the tray and insert a new battery. Then, place the cap back on the thermometer.

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