AlexVyan 25 Pcs Better Breathe Anti-Snore Nasal Strips

  • Used for relief from nasal congestion caused by cold, allergy and rhinitis.
  • Reduces snore and improve breathe for athletes.


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  • Two flexible “spring-like” pieces gently lift upwards the congested nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose, closes your mouth and stop snoring, allowing you and your partner to get a good night’s rest.
  • Special adhesive holds the strip comfortably in place.
  • Improves airflow by 31%.
  • Nasal Strips can provide temporary relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness and may also reduce or eliminate snoring.
  • For single use only. Do not use for more than 12 hours.
  • Do not use over sores, sunburned or irritated skin.
  • If rash or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.