PUR daytime orthodontic soothers (3 to 6 months)


PUR daytime orthodontic soothers (3 to 6 months)

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Product Highlights

  • Calms baby during painful experiences.
  • Soothes and provides emotional comfort.
  • Strengthens jaw muscles at an early age
  • Helps to protect developing teeth
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Made of Medical  grade silicone.

Expert's Advice

PUR daytime orthodontic soothers are made of silicone material and supports the palate by improving suction. Help prevent mouth breathing.It is a soft shield to ensure safety of the baby. Suitable for babies from 3 to 6 months.

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MRP: Offer: 162.00You Save: 27.00

PUR daytime orthodontic soothers (3 to 6 months)

MRP: Offer: 162.00You Save: 27.00

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  • Pur Orthodontic  Soothers are specially designed to fit perfectly in baby’s mouth. 
  • Provides a break from breastmilk overflow.
  • Strengthens  sucking habits.
  • Protective cap keeps it safe from dust and bacteria when not in use.
  • Security ring handle for easy removal.
  • The product is free from Bisphenol-A Chemical (BPA Free) which is safe for baby

Directions for Use

  • Place the pacifier gently on their lower lip or on the front part of their tongue, and wait for the suckling reflex to start.
  • If the first introduction is successful, your baby will eventually begin to explore and suckle on the pacifier.

Safety Information

  • Make sure soother is completely cooled down before giving it to your baby. 
  • Keep it clean by washing it with hot, soapy water after each use.
  • Don’t clean the pacifier by sucking on it yourself because it can spread germs from you to your child. 
  • Always check for cracks or tears before giving a pacifier to your baby


It’s good for the baby if they are put on orthodontic pacifiers when they are about four weeks of age.

While most kids stop using pacifiers on their own between ages 2 and 4, others need help breaking the habit. If your child has difficulty giving up the pacifier, consider asking your child’s doctor or dentist for help.

Orthodontic pacifiers cause less open bite or overbite problems than traditional round pacifiers. The best line of defense against dental damage, however, is limiting pacifier time and taking away a pacifier after baby’s first year, even if it is an orthodontic pacifier.

Pacifiers, also known as dummies or soothers, are often used to calm, pacify or soothe a fussy baby. Babies love to suck for comfort and security, as well as nutrition and a pacifier provides a bottle fed baby with a substitute to frequent comfort sucking at the mother’s breast.

Pacifier nipples that are straight, flat, orthodontic, and bulb-shaped are perfectly safe for newborns. An orthodontic pacifier is designed like a natural nipple, flatter and slightly square, and is intended to accommodate the motion a baby makes with their tongue when nursing.

Orthodontic pacifiers have a rounded top and a flat bottom. They are intended to prevent tooth troubles later in a baby’s life. They do this by supporting the shape of a baby’s developing palate and jaw.

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