Pur Spill Proof Cup – 200 ml

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Pur Spill Proof Cup – 200 ml

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Product Highlights

  • Has a spill proof spout to train baby sip easier
  • A transparent cup to ensure hygienic cleaning
  • Easy to use as well as wash
  • Free of BPA and other harmful to baby chemicals
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Suitable for 6months + babies

Expert's Advice

Pur Spill Proof Cup is a hard spout cup which is spill proof. Elegant design that comes in an unique shape and exciting colours. It is 100% BPA free so it eliminates all harmful effects. Ideal for drinking purpose. Suitable for babies from 6 months onwards.

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MRP: 195.00

MRP: 195.00

Pur Spill Proof Cup – 200 ml

MRP: 195.00

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  • Can drink in any orientation like normal tumbler cup
  • Spill resistant and so prevents accidental spills
  • No hidden areas or narrow channels which cannot be cleaned
  • Can be completely dismantled, sterilised and assembled 
  • Features small air inlet hole to regulate flow of liquid
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Ideal for drinking while lying in bed , health and household, baby care
  • The cup is made from solid Polypropylene, which makes it a stronger material.

Directions for Use

  • With your baby sitting firmly in a chair, hold the spout up over their open mouth and release the liquid so it falls into their mouth
  • Be cautious not to allow too much water to go in at a time.
  • Repeat this a few times, if your baby seems interested.
  • If they aren’t up for participating, then try again on a different day.

Safety Information

  • Rinse immediately after use. 
  • Completely disassemble spill proof cup. 
  • Soak in hot water and soap.


A spill proof cup has a drinking piece that is made of soft silicone or plastic, similar in texture to a bottle nipple. A child has to turn the soft spout cup up to make the liquid come out.

This plastic cup comes with a deep-dished lid with two small holes on the top to permit a controlled flow of liquid for those who have difficulty managing fluids. It also prevents liquid from spilling if the cup is tilted upside down.

Soak them for 15 minutes in hot, soapy water. This will soften dried-on or stubborn gunk, allowing you to clean it off easily. Alternatively, you can dissolve denture tablets in water before soaking sippy cup parts. This helps get rid of stubborn gunk in the cup as well.

Sterilizing baby bottles and cups are essential. This step can remove much of the bacteria and other microorganisms in them. You do not need to sterilize the cup after every use. However, you must often sterilize your baby’s non spill / straw cups to ensure they are safe for your baby.

Every non-spill cup is dishwasher safe, but they should only be washed using the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Prevent babies from spilling the drink on their clothes or the floor. These cups can help your child transition to standard cups.