Karma Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair

  • Offers a quick and convenient assembly, folding and disassembly
  • Multi-functional headrest can adjust to the most desirable angles.
  • Suitable for: medium to serious CP children


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  • Specially made for patients suffering from cerebral palsy
  • Has reclining backrest, elevating footrest and tile feature.
  • Attendant propelled Wheelchair
  • Designed with adjustable armrest and front casters, along with headrest and trunk support.
  • Provides optimal comfort for your child at every moment.
  • Tilt recline function.
  • Tilt-in-space seat offers pressure relief and a shift in the center of gravity
  • Cloth looks like waterproof upholstery
  • Anti wheels for better safety and stability
  • Lever and paddle brakes provided
  • Safety belt provided