Aircast Venapure Stocking XL

Aircast Venapure Stocking XL

MRP: 2,800.00

  • Offers a greater degree of two way compression combined with an increased end stretch provide for a better anatomical fit to the patient.
  • Ideal for long flight travel, when cramping in legs which slows down the blood flow through veins.


  • Prevents blood clot by applying sustained, even pressure to the legs
  • Helps prevent DVT(deep vein thrombosis) a serious condition in which blood clots form in the legs
  • Prevents the pooling of blood in the lower extremities
  • Reduce the incidence of DVT up to 50% and to promote increased blood flow velocity in the legs
  • Interrupted silicone thigh band minimizes stocking slippage without constricting compression.
  • Inspection toe hole facilitates checking the condition of the foot and skin and reduces infection or contamination if ambulatory.
  • Popliteal break promotes free leg movement and comfort around the popliteal vein.
  • Color-coded toe provides an easy visual for product sizing.
  • Inlay circular knit ensures proper pressure pattern through the leg and helps prevent slippage.

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