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Climaware Eve


Climaware Eve

  • Heat therapy creates local vasodilatation (expansion of blood-vessels) in the pain-affected area, which aids blood circulation and increases oxygen supply and activates body?s own natural defenses against pain.
  • Provides relief from lower abdomen and lower back cramps and pain.

Divinext DI-267 Slimming Silicone Foot Massage Magnetic Toe Ring

  • Magnetic reflexology used by this gadget increases metabolism, and results in healthy fat loss.
  • Combines traditional Japanese processing and modern technologies.

Divinext DI-357 Electric Head Massager

  • Massages and relieves from fatigue aches, headache, work fatigue, improves sleep, improves memory, relieves brain fatigue and quality of work, provides significant results.

Dr Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Massager


Dr Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Massager adds heat and intensity to hard-to-reach muscle groups for a relaxing massage that helps reduce

-59% Dr Physio (USA) Electric Portable Body Massager Brush Brand: Quick View

Dr Physio (USA) Electric Portable Body Massager Brush

1,600.00 664.00

Dr Physio (USA) Electric Portable Body Massager Brush with 4 Various Heads For Exfoliation, Cleansing , Scrubbing & Removing Blackheads Massager (White)

Dr Physio (USA) Eva Cordless Rechargeable Personal Body Wand Massager


With 28 Vibration modes, 8 intense speeds, Water Resistant Compact, Quiet and Soft bendable silicone head. Get professional grade massaging at-home. Handheld

Dr Physio HammerPro Massager


Dr Physio HammerPro Massager has 4 interchangeable heads electric massager – 4 sets of removable free massage heads for a variety of

Omron HM-300 Cushion Massager

  • Ideal way to cure stress and relieve chronic neck and back pain.
  • Offers gentle heating to the neck to relieve pain.

Omron HM-340 Cushion Massager

  • Massage pillow has an ergonomic design, with a temperature-controlled system.
  • Provides multi-site massage.

Orthopaedic Electric Heating Belt For Ankle universal

  • Helps soothe sore muscles, decrease joint stiffness and pain for arthritis sufferers and relieves the discomfort in common orthopaedic problems.
  • Provides heat therapy to inflamed joints and relieves muscle strain.

POCT Electric Gel Pad

  • Warm gel rechargeable heating pad and portable hot water bag.

Romsons Cold/ Hot Pack 15×30 inches

  • Helps reduce post-operative swelling, bruising, discomfort from liposuction, tummy tuck, upper or lower body procedure.
  • Excel­lent choice for sufferers of chronic pain from injuries, illness, arthritis and especially post knee replacement.