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Foot Support

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Flamingo Cast Shoe


Flamingo Cast Shoe

  • Used in place of the normal shoe when a patient has a plaster cast on the foot.
  • Reduces the impact caused on the injured foot.

Flamingo Gel Medial Arch Support

  • Recommended for individual suffering from flatfoot
  • Can be worn in multiple shoes

Flamingo Gel Metatarsal Pad Female

  • Excellent foot padding
  • Helps to ease forefoot pain.
  • Perfect for all types of ladies footwear.

Flamingo Gel Metatarsal Pad Male

  • Excellent foot padding.
  • Provides excellent shock absorption.
  • Relives forefoot pain effectively.

HomeFast One Pair Of Baby Soft Silicone Pads

  • Specially designed for Front Foot Pain, Corns, Callus, Warts Night Pain Relief & Comfort.
  • Made of latex-free soft silicone gel.

Luxafare Baby Soft Silicone Pads

  • One pair, two pieces of Medical Grade Silicone for Front Foot Pain, Corns, Callus, Warts Night Pain Relief & Comfort.

Shrih Anti-slip Stick on Foot Soles Foot Support

  • Invisible design and well protecing your feet.
  • Can be used on the beach, seaside, swim, run, climbing etc.

SPARSH 4.0 Value Pack For Corns, Callus, Front Foot Pain


<ul><li>Pack for corns, callus, front foot pain & hard skin over the front foot sole. 6 pcs. </li>
<li>Two insloles, two silicon pads,two gel pads. </li></ul>

Brand: Quick View

Tynor Cast Shoe Rocker Sole


Tynor Cast Shoe Rocker Sole

  • Prevents excessive wear & tear of the cast and reduces impact on the injured leg.
  • Ensures high degree of hygiene and improves gait of the patient on foot cast.

Tynor F Drop Splint Right/Left

  • Supports and stabilizes the ankle and foot in all foot drop conditions.
  • Designed to aid in swing phase toe clearance and to reduce plantar flexion impact in the early stance.

Vissco Cast Cover – Leg (from ankle upto knee)

  • Protects both the cast and cotton padding from getting wet and soiled.
  • Makes fitting watertight and keeps your cast dry.